Tsx Listing Agreement

„When RiseTech Capital entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Tantalus on September 8, 2020, we wanted to work with Tantalus` experienced management team to accelerate the growth of this innovative and focused technology company,” said Manny Padda, CEO of RiseTech Capital. „By entering into definitive agreements today and securing additional capital, we believe Tantalus is well positioned to leverage its industry-proven solutions and become a leader in helping distribution companies prepare for distribution network transformation in North America and beyond. Our shareholders are very happy to be able to help them in their mission. An initial public offering (IPO) requires the completion of an application for listing and the filing of a prospectus with the relevant Canadian securities commissions. An acquisition or reverse merger allows a private company to sell itself in a company listed on TSX or TSXV or a shell. After listing, TSX will regulate the issuance of additional capital, monitor compliance with established reporting requirements, and ensure that your company meets current listing requirements. Technical Listing GuideA more detailed listing guide for listing on the TSX and TSXV. The Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (PSPC) program offers an alternative vehicle for listing on the TSX. Unlike a traditional IPO, the SPAC allows experienced directors and senior executives to create a business that does not contain business transactions or assets other than cash. PSPC is then listed on TSX through an IPO and raises at least $30 million. Then, 90% of the borrowed funds are placed in trust and must then be used within 36 months of listing to acquire a company or operating asset, defined as a qualifying acquisition. If your company publishes a long-form prospectus, we accept the TSX listing application that refers to that prospectus, provided that you can also provide the necessary supporting documents and prove that the public distribution requirements are met. To apply, companies must submit an application for a TSX listing and supporting documents such as the Personal Data Form. Raw material companies must also submit geological reports in accordance with regulatory guidelines established by an independent and qualified third party.

A conditional listing application (CLA) is an intermediate step in the listing process for a company that wishes to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). As with TSX, an entity that wishes to be listed on TSX-V is subject to financial, commercial and other standards. An applicant entity must submit an application for listing with supporting data demonstrating that it is able to meet the minimum listing requirements of the TSX-V. In addition, an applicant entity must also enter into a listing agreement with TSX-V in order to maintain the current requirements for maintaining the listing. The TSX Listings Committee is responsible for the approval of all scholarship applicants. The Committee may also consult with the Advisory Committee for Listing, composed of persons from the securities industry, on complex or unique applications. . .


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