Service Level Agreement Business Continuity

Author Andrew Hiles is the Executive Director of Kingswell International, a consulting firm specializing in business risk management and service management. Contact Andrew under Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Business Continuity go hand in hand: or you should! Through the use of IBM`s Business Continuity Service Level Protection Solution, a company has the opportunity to improve its business continuity position by enabling it to apply service-level concepts much more effectively and effectively to its data protection strategy and storage infrastructure, analyzing serious concerns during the process. An accompanist in this article is a free template for service level agreements for disaster recovery that you can use for DR products and services. There are many different formats and styles for a disaster recovery SLA, from a very simple document to tables with detailed performance expectations for a wide range of activities. The technical measure is important: but only for the technicians who can thus customize the service to ensure that it fulfills the SLAs and thus support the commercial realization of the PCCs and, ultimately, the CSFs and the realization of the missions. Technical measurement is therefore a leading indicator of ICT. LTC for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was previously written in technical terms and generally signaled to end-users the platforms from which services were provided: thus, they signaled elements such as the availability and response of mainframe, server, WAN or LAN, usually with minimal commercial content. SLAs tended to reflect technical measures over which the end-user had no influence and which were of little interest to him. The similarity is with the on-board information provided to passengers. As the information is available, the passenger is informed of the outside temperature. What is the benefit of this information for the passenger? What are they going to do? Whether LTS are implemented to support a balance scorecard to reconcile information and communication technologies with the achievement of the business mission, or as a full-fledged initiative, the strategic use of service level agreements can be a perfect solution to justify investing in business resilience and resilience: an approach that I have been advocating for more than ten years. Technical services must be placed in a business context and the business or support unit must report ICT performance not at the level of the technical platform, but with regard to the overall quality of service on all platforms that attend the activity.

The CFO can use PCs, LANs, servers, printers, WANs, and Mainframes: but these are just tools. For the CFO, it`s the result that counts, not the tool. Are invoices issued on time? Do credit control systems work effectively? Are debtors prosecuted quickly? Is the pay slip on time? Does the call center/center work with optimal efficiency to handle the maximum number of calls, maximize revenue and minimize customer exodus? Pay off unexpected money recovery costs like a service As with any type of legal document, your company`s legal department should verify and approve the service level agreement before it is signed…

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