Parenting Agreement With A Narcissist

Here are some tips on co-parenting with a narcissist. Make sure you take all these methods into account and find the ones that work best for you. I have not seen anyone here pleading for the other parent to be cut off from contact with their child, just some good ideas about what is appropriate and healthy for the child. And above all, love them, no matter who they are or who they want to be, unconditionally. They will appreciate you, if not today, one day! The exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is unknown, but most experts believe that a combination of biological and genetic factors is at stake. You`re doing it. There is no Dang object you can do to change your ex`s educational abilities, or life skills in general. Why worry about what`s going on or not there (unless there`s imminent danger or abuse, so act yesterday). Remember to be the greatest adult and stay as reasonable as possible. Think about what your children want and how you can create a parenting plan to adapt it. I`m confused here.

You say limit calls, but my parenting plan requires too much AXIS telephony for children. Worse, I am dealing with a narcissistic ex-husband and his new narcissistic wife. It`s no longer enough for them to call the girls, but now they need FaceTime and she also gets on the phone. A call a few weeks ago lasted almost an hour! All the articles say to come off, but now I`m bound in content due to a lack of communication? How do I communicate with someone who is hostile? How can I communicate with someone who just wants to argue and can`t find a solution? We have shared custody, which means we have to agree on important life choices, but he refuses. It`s almost as if he refused and laughed as he filled out the paperwork to despise me that he wasn`t going to see him for every detail. He argues that I should inform him of everything that happens in his life. Suddenly, I became his monkey. Now I have to fill out the hours of my day to report to him, as if I were his personal secretary. It will take several steps to implement, and you will be involved in many “first steps.” If you are not ready to start, then you should consider different techniques. Your ex-NDP will always want to control everything financially.

You also feel entitled to your money. If you were a relative at home, chances are they wouldn`t consider it “your” money anyway. (Don`t try to explain to a narcissist the concept of co-ownership.

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