Liscr Articles Of Agreement

New online ordering systems Maritime publications can be purchased online. To use this option, you can create a personal account online via the following WayPoint link To order by email, fill out the publication form and email to For more information or assistance in ordering marine publications, please contact Incorporation Instructions – Incorporation of a Liberian Corporation – Incorporation with a pre-cleared and reserved nameA Liberian Corporation can be registered with a name and opened by the Registry for your use and convenience. Contact your local regional office or send a to get a list of available names and request information about the training. Liscr Trust Company, as a registrar, is prevented by due diligence requirements from accepting instructions from people who are not professional in the management of the business or who are professional consultants Voluntary Filing with the Registrar – Certificate of Choice and Management – Certificate of Choice, Incumbency and Participation – Certificate of Submission The computerized training provides a comprehensive overview of the complexity and diversity of the marine environment and explains how it is influenced by ship operating waste, unloading and spillage, as well as navigation in general. It also includes marine ecology, environmental impact plans and management systems, sustainable navigation and the role of the human element in pollution prevention. It also provides an overview of MARPOL regulations and other relevant IMO conventions and stresses the importance of compliance with legislation in general. This CD contains important knowledge and knowledge that sailors and coastal personnel need when working with ships: new threats such as cybersecurity, as well as best practices in piracy, armed robbery, Stowaway and general maritime security. With the most advanced computer tools, the Cyber-Ship Security CBT offers a concise interactive and multimedia self-learning course. Whether on land or at sea, this training is an effective tool to increase the skill, confidence and availability of your ship owners and crew. Based worldwide, this training CD replaces the latest Somalia-based cbT for Best Management Practices (BMP) and can be used on ships of all flags. Applicable Liberian Maritime Regulation – RLM-108 (P.57) and Liberian Law of the Sea – RLM-107 (350 – of violations in the logbook).

Article on the agreement between the captain and the sailors of the commercial service of the Republic of Liberia. a contract between the master of a ship and a crew, which applies to the signing and signature of all sailors serving on Liberian-flagged vessels.

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